Panellinion Luxury Rooms

Το Panellinion Luxury Rooms βρίσκεται 1,6 χλμ. από το κέντρο της Καλαμάτας και διαθέτει κήπο και εστιατόριο. Προσφέρει καταλύματα με δωρεάν πρόσβαση σε WiFi. Η αμμώδης παραλία της Καλαμάτας βρίσκεται ακριβώς απέναντι από το κτίριο. Το bed and breakfast διαθέτει τηλεόραση επίπεδης οθόνης και ιδιωτικό μπάνιο με δωρεάν προϊόντα περιποίησης, σεσουάρ μαλλιών και ντους. Ορισμένες μονάδες έχουν βεράντα και/ή μπαλκόνι με θέα στη θάλασσα ή το βουνό. Προσφέρεται καθημερινά πρωινό σε μορφή κοντιντιντάλ στο κατάλυμα. Οι επισκέπτες μπορούν να απολαύσουν γεύμα στο εστιατόριο του καταλύματος, το οποίο προσφέρει μια ποικιλία από παραδοσιακά μεσογειακά πιάτα. Το Πολιτιστικό Κέντρο Πανταζόπουλο βρίσκεται 2,1 χλμ. από τα Panellinion Luxury Rooms. Το Αεροδρόμιο Καπετάν Βασίλης Κωνσταντακόπουλος της Καλαμάτας είναι 13 χλμ. μακριά.
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excellent location just next to the seaside.perfect room with everything needed and very comfortand absolutely gently and professional stuff
Χάλια τα εδέσματα που προσφέρει και ειδικά οι πάσης φύσεως καφέδες. Το service στην καφετέρια υπερβολικά αργό, ειδικά στις ώρες αιχμής. Κρίμα, γιατί η τοποθεσία είναι τέλεια.
Excellent place to stay with the most friendly, helpful and charming staff. My room with the balcony was beautiful and I shall definitely stay here again. Highly recommended
The hotel is in the center of the entertainment area, and has direct access to the beach. The hotel cafe is in the middle of a very beautiful garden with direct view of the marina. The rooms are modern, big enough with large bathrooms, they have amazing views to the sea and the marina. The food at the restaurant is good and offers a large variety.
We had a wonderful stay at this hotel. Excellent location next to the sea, bright and spacious room with a wonderful bathroom. Very nice bed. Truly value for money.
Very clean and tidy, modern rooms with good showers and mattresses. Mini fridge and Hotel safe available were available in our room.Good restaurant with large portions at ground level.Staff was polite and helpful.
Very friendly and professional - the staff was awesome and the breakfast superb...near the harbor and shopping ... I would come back everytime :-)
Greatest Location in Kalamatha. Something more. beautifull balconies, beautifull view, excellent service nd great breakfast. Very interesting rooms and no doubt well managed place. Great for any type of visit - with family,m on busines, with friends, during your honemoon. Overal a place I would recomend everybody to visit at least once :-)
The hotel is in a historic beautiful building. I made the booking late-late evening, arrived around midnight and the personal was able to immediately give me the keys. The room itself was super!Also I've got a breakfast in the on-site restaurant which was nice.
We stayed in these apartments out of peak season so in terms of value for money it was exceptional. The price though did not detract from the excellence of the facilities. We had asked for a quiet room but with the location close to the Marina and the seafront boulevard this would be a difficult request no matter which room we were paced in. The hotel though has good insulation and the double glazing is of a high standard so a lot of the outside noise is cut out. In summary a superb room with oak floors, comfortable furnishings and a modern clean finish to the bathroom.